The most useful things and the most genius ones are often derived from very simple ideas. This idea will absolutely help you measure the ingredients the right way. All you have to do is just take a peek at this sheet while your hands are all covered with greasy, sticky food. I promise you, you’ll never make a mistake again while measuring the quantities in your kitchen. This is something I’ve needed for so long and couldn’t find extra time to draw it myself.

Finding the right measuring of the ingredients you are adding to your recipe can be hard. Especially when you are in a hurry and you want to get your delicious meal cooked properly. It’s a struggle, believe me. I can assure you, printing and hanging this chart on your kitchen wall can be very helpful. It’s a problem solving sheet that will help you know the right quantity you are supposed to use.

Kitchen Conversions

kitchen conversion

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I bet you haven’t thought about this one before. You don’t have to search the web trying to convert spoons, cups and gallons anymore. Keep your sticky fingers in the dough and continue with your kneading.

Since chalk boards hanging in the kitchens are totally IN lately, you can even draw it yourself. This awesome idea is coming at the right time. It will make your life as a ‘home’ chef much easier, not to mention it’s the absolute time saver. If you want to make your friends’ life simpler, share it, or you can always print extra sheets for them.

I am so happy I have finally found out that this genius idea got turned into an amazing chart and it’s hanging on my kitchen wall now. No more googling to find the right quantity. Make room for this chart in your kitchen or you can always stick it on your fridge. It’ll be nice if you recommend it to a friend too.