A good night’s sleep is what every person needs in order to refill the batteries and is able to seize the next day without complications. But have you ever wondered how quality is your night’s sleep, and actually how much does it take for a good night’s sleep?

I bet nowadays with the constantly rushing and busy life routine not many can brag with a quality night’s sleep, taking regard that a daytime is not enough to finish all of the responsibilities and scheduled work.

Lack of Sleep can Affect One’s Psychological and Physiological Health

lack of sleep

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However, as common as it is nowadays this lack of sleep has many disadvantages, mainly that it may affect the next day’s freshness and daily function. A repetitive procedure of this short night’s sleep may be truly devastating for the health.

Lack of sleep can be the primary indication of a variety of dangerous health issues such as:

  • It can increase the risk of cancer, mainly, breast and prostate cancer. The World Health Organization after a long time investigating the connection between the lack of sleep and cancer, have concluded that shift working in addition to the sleep deprivation can lead to cancer.
  • Weight gain is another important side effect of the lack of sleep. For all of those trying to maintain a healthy weight, a minimum of7/8 hours a sleep a day is recommended as necessary. And in addition to this that fatigue and tiredness makes people constantly hungry, leading people to consume more calories a day.
  • It can lead to depression. Other than the physical state, lack of sleep can affect the mental state too. And one of the most common effects on the mental state due to sleep deprivation is depression. But note, it is only stage first of the psychological distress that comes due to the decreased sleep.
  • It can also increase the risk of infections which can later cause a series of many other diseases.
  • Another psychological effect is the loss of ability to control emotions, which can lead to the person to experience more extreme moods, expressing them straight forwardly.
  • A decreased emotional intelligence is another side effect of the lack of sleep. Every person who doesn’t get enough sleep will experience difficulties to connect with other people, and reach to their feelings, or connect with them in thought. It may turn out that some of them are facing serious issues and you won’t be able to tell that,or prevent something more serious from happening.
  • We are all aware that when you’re sick, you need to rest a lot in order for your immune system do the work and get rid of the infection invading the organism. Therefore, a lack of sleep may leave your immune system on the lowest scale and vulnerable to diseases.
  • It increases the risk of diabetes – all due to the fact that decreased sleep increases the body’s resistance to insulin.
  • It can cause skin damage taking regard that decreased sleep increases the stress hormone cortisol, which, among other things is breaking down the collagen in the skin. And collagen is the one keeping the skin elastic and gentle.
  • Decreases the life expectancy – this is due to the fact that people who sleep less than six hours a night have an increased risk of death in the next ten years.
  • Taking regard the results of a survey conducted in San Francisco at the University of California, the constant lack of sleep can reduce the efficiency of every vaccine you take.
  • Since the lack of sleep causes tension and stress to appear, which contributes to the body to release hormones, it can at the same time lead to a serious heart disease. The risk of death as a result of a heart complication is increased up to 48 percent for those having a short night’s sleep.
  • As are the alcohol and drugs, the lack of sleep is as well addictive and impairs self-criticism. It can make us believe that everything is working alright, preventing to find a proper solution for the problem.
  • Increases the blood pressure– according to many studies, it was concluded that people suffering from sleep deprivation have a higher risk of developing high blood pressure by 3.5 times more than the people who have normal sleeping habits.
  • Irregular heart beat can be another negative side effect of the lackof sleep, all as a result of the interference in the operation of the heart or the electrical transmission system.
  • According to numerous studies decreased sleeping can on the contrary increase the risk of a stroke, as a result of the impairing of the hundreds of genes responsible for the complex system in the body.
  • Knowing how certain growth hormones are released during sleep, allowing the cells and tissues of the body to regenerate and strengthen the skin,increasing the muscle massat the same time, a lack of sleep will undoubtedly negatively affect all of these vital processes.
  • As for the tissues, cells and bones which are being built and regenerated through the sleeping process, lowering this re-build time may cause a significant damage to the bones themselves and the bone density.
  • And for all those suffering from a chronic disease, the decrease of sleep can only increase their pain.
  • Not only it damages the body’s strength, not allowing you to face with the daily liabilities and responsibilities, it also lowers the ability to bear the stress, making wrong decisions due to the fact that you’re all panic and hasty, and in addition can lead to lose your creativity too.
  • Being constantly tired and sleepless can cause you lose the whole concentration, which at a certain point may be fatal for you. Such is the case with fatigues drivers who had fatal car crashes.
  • Sleep deprivation can even lead to some serious diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. Taking regard that sleeping occurs in cycles, and during these cycles the process of implementing the memories in the brain occurs. If the sleep cycles are broken-down, it can lead to disruption of the short-term memory along with the long-term memory responsible for the preservation and storage of experiences. This can further lead to a destruction of the brain cells and can harm the learning ability.

Do yourself a favor and improve your sleeping habits. Upgrade your life quality by simply implementing at least eight hours of night’s sleep and try to maintain and practice it every day.

You will undoubtedly notice an improvement in your entire organism in a no time. Not only your physical, but your psychical health will be too on the higher scale of improvement.