Many people suffer from poor blood circulation. A poor circulation occurs when a sufficient amount of oxygen, blood and nutrients fails to be delivered to a particular area of the body.

Most commonly, a poor circulation results from smoking, alcohol, unhealthy diet and lack of exercising or, from some health related issues such as arterial issues, heart disease and diabetes.

Having a poor blood circulation can be very damaging to your health. It can cause many severe issues, including a stroke or a heart attack.

The most prevalent symptom of poor circulation is having cold and numb hands, legs and feet. If you suffer from a poor circulation, you can improve this condition by giving yourself this simple and very effective massage.

Massage Technique for Improving the Circulation

leg massage

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This massage will significantly improve the circulation because it allows the blood to flow easily through the congested areas and, it enables the muscles to flush any lactic acid from them. It will help you to boost the blood flow, to lower the blood pressure and to improve the body function.

Massaging your legs is easy and simple and, you can do it in the comfort of your home. All you need is some essential massage oil. You can use olive oil, eucalyptus oil, rosemary oil or lavender oil.

Make sure that the oil is warm in order to increase the warmth in the internal tissue layers. Put a drop of the massage oil on your hands and briefly rub them.

First, in order to reduce congestion, you should start with the upper part of the leg, the part which is closer to the heart, and, move your hands down so that you spread the oil on the entire leg.

Then, move your hands up again. Hold your hands in a V-shape and press them on both sides of the leg. When you move your hands around the bony areas, such as the knees, reduce the pressure.

By going up to your thighs, increase the pressure when you massage the larger muscles around them. By doing so, keep your hands in a semi-locked position and, try to push only with your legs. You should avoid pushing with your arms.

Next, place your hands to the lower part of the leg. Move your hands from the lower part to the upper part of the leg in order to move the fluids that are stagnated in the leg.

Try to keep a regular rhythm, one that is neither too fast nor too slow. When you go up, move your hands on the sides of the leg. And, when you slide your hands down, try to hold the entire leg, including the front part of it.

This massage is very relaxing and extremely effective in improving the circulation, which is why you should massage your legs every night before bedtime.

By massaging the areas that suffer from poor circulation, you will relax the muscles and, you will relieve any joint pain. Apart from improving the circulation, this massage will help you to reduce the level of stress, anxiety and tension.

Leg Massage for Better Blood Circulation