When you think of the Himalayas, the first thing that comes to your mind would probably be Mount Everest. However, this enormous mountain range hides in its base something extremely beneficial for your health- the Himalayan pink salt, or as it is usually called, the “White Gold” of the Earth.

Himalayan pink salt is considered to be the healthiest and purest salt on the Earth. It originates from around 250 milion years ago, in the period when the Earth was a perfect ecosystem. It was made when the primeval sea, where the life on Earth began, dried and all the salt was covered with lava which perfectly preserved her natural structure. It is also a type of a sea salt, but it is the purest kind.

Its pink color is due to the minerals it contains and its iron which gives energy. The pink salt is organic, fresh, clean, unmodified, and non-polluted. It is dug out of the mountains and it is manually grinded, so its structure can be preserved. It is sold with all its natural characteristics and merits.

himalayan pink salt

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You are still probably wandering what the Himalayan pink salt contains that makes it so useful and healthy?

In its perfect structure the Himalayan pink salt contains 84 essential minerals and elements among which, magnesium, selenium, copper, zink, chromium, manganese and many others that are vital for the human’s health. 85.62% of its naturally formed crystals are sodium chloride and 14.38% are trace minerals.

As nothing is added to it, the pink salt is naturally full with iodine. All other refined salts contain additional iodine in their structure.

himalayan pink salt

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Also, there is less sodium in the pink saltdue to the size of its crystals. It is not much different from the regular salt in its structure however, the pink salt takes less space in a teaspoon and that results in less sodium per serving.

Following this, you cannot count the things you gain from adding it to your meals. It will balance your organism and all of its functions. You electrolytes will be balanced, as well as your pH values and water content in and out of your cells. It will lower your blood pressure and consequently, your blood will circulate better. You will not feel cramps in your muscles and your bones will be revitalized. Himalayan salt will boost your metabolism. Your body will absorb more nutrients and it will get rid of all the toxins.

Why the pink salt is so much better than the regular, refined salt?

The regular salt is robbed out of all these elements and minerals that we have listed above. It only contains sodium and chloride and it also goes through numerous modifications under unnatural conditions. Besides these two elements, the anti-caking agents are part of the structure of the refined salt. These are additives that prevent forming lumps, and they also make it impossible for the salt to dissolve in your body. The salt cannot get out of your system and that causes many life-threatening health problems. In addition, the iodine that the regular salt contains is also synthetic and bad for your health.

Naturally, you can use the pink salt for cooking. You can make salt slabs and put some food on them as decoration like fruits and vegetables, sea food or cheese. If you froze them you can use them for deserts, and if you heat them, they can be used for searing meat, sea food, vegetables and making fried eggs. You can also decorate your food with some pink salt crystals.

himalayan pink salt

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Besides that, you can also relax your muscles in a therapeutic Himalayan salt bath. It makes your skin glow and it also has healing effects.

Except for cooking and bathing you can use the crystals as decoration for your home. There are beautiful lamps and other home decorations made from crystal rocks. It also smells good if you use it in an essential oil diffuser.

In the end, we will provide you with a simple recipe on how to brine meat and make it look and taste delicious.

The ingredients you need are the following: 3 oz of sea salt, 1 gallon of water, 1 tbsp of citrus zest, and, optionally, 3 oz of sugar.

Fill a pot with the water and add the salt and sugar. Simmer until they dissolve and let the pot cool off. You put the meat in and brine it for 6 hours approximately. After this time has passed you drain the meat and leave it in the fridge for 2 hours. When it is time to prepare the meat use whatever cooking method you like. Anyway it will be juicy and delicious.