We all know that the salt is a natural mineral created from sodium chloride. When it is in its natural form it is known as rock salt or halite.

There is also the sea salt, which is made out of the seawater evaporation, and last we have the Himalayan salt, which is actually a halite, but it comes from the Himalayas.

It contains astounding 84 natural minerals and elements, all of which can also be found in the human body.

We use the salt for everything, from food seasoning, to preserving some foods, even to keeping our roads clear from any ice during a winter season! It is a diverse blend that serves as a key to keeping our bodies healthy and well balanced.

However, there are some amazing alternate uses of the salt. The salt is actually the perfect compound when we are encountering some small household issues.

That is why in addition we are going to present to you some alternative uses of this mineral that can easily be applied in any house or apartment.

1. If something sticky or hasty has melted on your iron, just turn your iron to high and let it warm up. While it’s heating, take some newspaper and sprinkle some generous amount of salt on it.

Then, move the iron in a back and forth motion for about a minute, and when you’re done, your iron will be clean.

2. If you accidentaly drop an egg to the floor or on a table? Cleaning up an egg can be quite the challenge, but not if you have some salt within your reach.

Sprinkle a healthy dose of salt on the spill and let it sit out for 15 minutes or so. the salt will make the spill a little firm and let you brush it into a bag with one swipe.

3. While you are cooking, a grease fire can occur sometimes. In these cases you have to have salt right next to you. Just grab the salt and pour it directly onto the flame.

4. Did you happen to walk away from the stowe for a minute and come back to a burnt food? The grease and food particles that got stuck on the pan can be really difficult to take off.

An easy way to take them off is to cover the inside of the pan with salt, and then add a little bit of water, just to cover up the salt.

This mixture will lift off all the grease and residue that stuck on the surface of the pan. After leaving it for 10 minutes, simply wipe it away and wash it like you regularly would.

 If by wiping the pan you get your sponge a little nasty, the salt can come to the rescue once again. Fill up a small container with water and the add two or three tablespoons of salt.

Place the sponge inside and leave it over the night. When you take it out the next morning, just squeeze the water out and there you go – your sponge will be ready for use again.

5. And what about the bath tub stains that are so hard to clean? Here is what you have to do. Take some turpentine from your garage and mix it up with an equal amount of salt.

Put on some safety glves, make sure your windoow is open, and get to work. Stir the mixture to dissolve as much salt as you can.

Apply the mixture on a sponge and start scrubbing. After only a minute you will notice that the stains will disappear, leaving you with a clean, beautiful porcelain finish.

6. Finally, what to do with the hair clog you have found in the tub? First, clear as much as you can with your hands. Next, measure up a quarter cup of baking soda and quarter cup of salt.

Shake it up and pour it directly into the drain. Then, take half a cup of white vinegar and pour it down as well. The reaction will foam up, eating away all the clog.

Let this sit out for about 15 minutes and while you wait, boil up a bot of water, and then pour it directly down the drain to clear out the remaining powder.

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