I assume you are already familiar with the fact that the female body is generalized into 3 separate body types: apple, pear and hourglass. But you probably haven’t tried to lose weight according to your body type yet. The moment you know the exact shape of your body, you can learn what to eat according to your body type and this will allow you to lose weight faster then before! Reshape your body by following these simple guides that will help you eliminate fat depending on your body type. Most people claim that this is the best way to lose your extra pounds.

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Apple-Shaped Body

If your body is shaped like an apple, it means that your body tends to gain weight in the stomach area. If you want to have leaner body, this is what you will need to do in order to effectively lose weight:

Make sure you are going to start your day with some fresh fruit. Do not stop here since you should eat fruit as much as you can throughout the day! You should eat foods that are rich in cellulose such as legumes, cereals and apples and at the same time avoid ingesting animal fat.

Drinking lots of water and herbal teas is a must! Drinking ginger tea is also recommended because it will provide detoxification of your body. And at last, you should increase the daily intake of fish, soy, honey, nuts and fruits (both dried and fresh). The fruits should be organic and preferably consume fruits that belong to the citrus genus like lemons and limes.

One-line-summary: Lean meat will melt the fat around your waist.

Pear-Shaped Body

Women that have pear body shape are known to have typically narrow shoulders and narrow waist but their hips are larger. If your body is pear-shaped, follow these rules that will help you put the accent of losing weight to the lower body area:

Make sure you avoid all types of fat and try to eat more brown rice, whole-grain bread and seafood. Also, increase the daily intake of raw, whole and fresh fruit but avoid drinking fruit juice. Stay away from foods rich in starch such as potatoes and beans. Instead, eating more tomatoes is highly recommended. They will speed up your metabolism.

One-line-summary: Avoid starch for slimmer lower thighs.

Hourglass-Shaped Body

Women that have an hourglass figure are pretty lucky because this shape is considered to have the ideal proportions. If your body is hourglass-shapes you will take the easy way out due to these 2 simple rules that will get you into perfect shape:

Lose Weight

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Just avoid eating sweets, nuts and avocados. Eat food rich in proteins instead. Eggs, vegetables, non-fat meats, low fat milk and cheese will also help you get back in shape.

One-line-summary: Your extra pounds are going down much faster than you think.

At the end, keep in mind that weight loss that works on a certain part of the body is the most effective one.
Eat healthy food and stay determined!