One of the first signs that your body is aging is the sagging neck. And how does this happen? Well, the muscles on the neck are not attached to any bones or ligaments that would ensure them that they’re stable, so as time passes, they start to sag. This is the main reason why the skin on the neck stops being elastic.

Many women try to correct this by spending thousands of dollars on cosmetic products that don’t actually work for them.

So, why spend all of that money on something that does not give you the results you want, when you can try something that can actually work for you, and in the meantime is not expensive at all.

Additionally to this, we will give you some tips on how to make your neck seem younger. These are very simple methods, and all you will need to do is just follow the instructions.

Tips to Make your Neck Look Younger

  • First, you can start by increasing your Vitamin C intake. It is one of the best natural antioxidants you can find. You can take it through food or with vitamin supplements. Studies have shown that if you combine it with an SPF moisturizer it gives much better results.
  • Which lead us to the second method, which is avoiding the sun rays. The harmful UV sun rays can damage the skin, especially the part on the neck. This is why you should protect yourself by using sunscreen with at least 30 SPF and with titanium and zinc. Make sure you put sunscreen on every time you go out.
  • What is the most important part of being healthy – the exercise. You should never forget this. You absolutely have to do some neck exercises, and you exercise for your entire body. Target those exercises that can give your neck with a firm and tight looks.
  • Let’s talk collagen. Do you know what it is? Collagen is the connecting skin tissue that ensures you that your neck will be firm, by also constantly reviving the skin cells. This is an extremely important factor for the elasticity of the skin. Because of this fact, many experts from all around the world advise that you use collagen supplements.
  • Finally, another important factor is the omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6 fatty acids intake. These two compounds boost the collagen production and ultimately lead to a tighter and younger-looking skin on the neck. Foods that are rich in these nutrients are salmon, avocado, spinach, sardines, flax seeds and pumpkin seeds and so on. Best time for you to eat these foods is just before going to bed.