Charm, personality and intellect are some of the male features that most of the women fall for. However, if we talk about the first glance, the female brain works surprisingly very similar to the male one.

Top 5 Male Body Parts

Male Body Parts

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The women are attracted to certain body parts and, luckily, most of them can be sculpted by working out. Here is a list of the most appealing body parts to the female eye.

Abdominal Muscles


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A study made at Western Illinois University concluded that the women find the abs to be the most attractive muscles on the male body.

This does not come as a surprise since, apart from your face, the front part of the body draws the initial attention.

Apart from being fancied by the female population, well-defined muscles are beneficial for your health because the development of the abs increases your testosterone levels, so you might consider hitting the gym.

Well-Defined Shoulders


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Having strong and wide shoulders is one of the best features that attract female attention. A man who is capable of carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders is thought to be able to keep the woman free from any problems and worries.

Women like to feel protected and since muscular shoulders are the best indicator of the man’s strength and masculinity, it’s no wonder why broad shoulders are one of the most appealing male features.

Strong Arms


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The arms are one of the most captivating parts of the man’s body, especially since the biceps are easily noticeable even through clothes.

Every woman wants a man who can literally sweep her off her feet. Apart from marking your strength, the arm muscles show that you put importance on taking a proper care of your body.

Ripped Back

Male bodybuilder flexing his biceps, back view

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A V-shaped back is a feature that attracts every woman. Back broadness can easily be associated with an ability to provide security and protection, which is why the ladies consider the muscles on your back to be one of your most charming attributes.

Appealing Face

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The face is unsurprisingly the first thing that the women notice on a man’s body. When it comes to the preference of a face of a man, the female opinion varies.

While some of the women are attracted to the masculine, mature-looking features, such as a well-defined jaw, cheekbones and forehead, other enjoy a man who has childlike features such as a small nose and big eyes.