Angelo Mastropietro, the former head of a successful Australian recruiting company, decided to become a modern day caveman.

He spent nearly a quarter of a million dollars to build his dream house which is placed in a 700-year-old cave.

After taking refuge in the cave during a rainstorm ten years ago, Angelo decided to buy the natural shelter, located in Worcestershire, United Kingdom. Rather than simply owning the cave, he turned this unusual property into an astonishing home.

In 2007, Angelo was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which left him temporarily paralyzed. The disease reminded him that he needed to change his lifestyle and that he wanted to spend his life in a place where he could be happy and healthy, so he started building his dream home in this cave.

Although his choice of a living place seems unusual, this cave is unlike anything you have ever seen. The 38-year-old-man has built a luxurious estate featuring wood fireplace, heated towel rack, rainfall shower, and even Wi-Fi.

Man Builds a Stunning House