Audrey was a single mother of three children. On day she had to go to hospital to do some tests. Audrey asked her neighbor Tisha, mother of 5 children, so take her kids to spend the night at Tisha’s place. Tisha and Kevin agreed to take the kids, no matter of the small space in their house.

The medical results confirmed that Audrey has a gastric cancer, and the doctor give her only a year to live.. Knowing that her days are numbered, Audrey wanted her neighbors to take care of her children when she dies.

Audrey and Tisha ware not close friends, bud Audrey toked advantage of the situation and reassure Tisha to be a guardian of her children.

Amazingly, Kevin and Tisha agreed again. This 7 member family, opened their hearts, to help Audrey’s children to deal with the loss of their mother. Audrey died soon after that.

Fox 5 made an amazing surprise for this 10 member family, and as you can see in the video below, they completely rebuild their house.

Starting from the floor, they redesign the bedrooms, the kitchen, and the living room. They crate separate bedrooms for the girls, the boys and the parents. Fox 5 give the $1500 to the oldest-18 year old son to get his own apartment.

From donations they replace the old furniture and decorate the new home in the Christmas spirit. The Surprise Squad even rebuild the front yard for this family.

Albertsons and VONS gave them a 1 year free groceries shopping. Don Freeman owner of Nissan donated, a brand new Nissan van. Kevin, Tisha and the kids were all in tears, and they couldn’t believe their eyes.

The person who nominated this family for the surprise was Elizabeth Thames, and this is just another prof that there is humanity in people.