Some places on Earth can be heard an unpleasant sound. This sound can be heard by only two percent of people in that area.

Mysterious Sound

But these sound make them crazy, writes The Washington Post.

It is expressed deep tones and low frequencies whose source remains unknown, some say resembles the sound operation of diesel engine somewhere nearby.

Although numerous investigations have been conducted there isn’t concrete conclusions. Some experts believe that the sound comes from industrial machinery, pipelines of high pressure or by wireless communication devices, but they managed just a few of the cases relate to such sources.

It is believed that the sound can be a consequence of low-frequency electromagnetic radiation and can be hear from some people, those who have hearing more developed than others, but it is also not proven.

Were developed three theories about the possible origin of the sound, and eventually intervene and military to solve the mystery.

As I reported BBC sound that some describe as the sound of sonar, some like whistles and some as ringing is heard all summer and judging by the descriptions, come from the region about 120 kilometers northwest of Igloolik.

Inuit who hunt in the area, claimed that this unpleasant sound expelled and animals to.

According to one theory culprit for the mysterious sound is mining corporation “Bafinoland Iron Majns” which allegedly with sonar searched the area, but the company denies these allegations.

According to another theory, “Greenpeace” deliberately produce sounds to scare marine mammals, because Inuit hunt them. But this organization for environmental protection denies that.

The third theory is that the sounds is produced by submarines cruising through secret surrounding waters, but the Canadian defense ministry exclude this possibility.

The Ministry of Defense has been informed of unusual sounds and Canadian Armed Forces take steps to investigate the situation, the statement said.

Only 70 km from Igloolik is an active military base.

Canadian army investigates the mysterious sound that comes from the bottom of the sea from obscure part of the Arctic and that during several months scares animals, writes BBC. Military aircraft performed several searches in the area, but so far can’t explain the reason for the phenomenon they call “acoustic anomaly”.

Scientists still are not sure about what sound it is because the entire frequency range from 38 to 8,000 hertz.