It might occur to scratch or cut yourself in a tricky place while preparing your lunch using your sharp knives or when working something around the house, including gardening where you can pin from your roses.

The first thing that comes to your mind is finding a piece of cloth to press on the place in order to stop the bleeding. But even though you try this as well, there is still blood running from your little scratch.

Natural Ways to Stop Bleeding

natural ways to stop bleeding

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The perfect thing to do in a situation like this is to find a coagulator and use it on the wound to quickly stop the bleeding.

One of the best natural coagulators is the healing clay powder, but at the moment you might not have it in your home and you need to stop the bleeding as fast as possible.

Therefore, you need to find another thing which will work as a coagulator for this cause. And here is when the coagulating powers of the paprika powder come on stage. But be aware to use organic paprika only and one that is not too hot.

How to Treat the Wound

natural ways to stop bleeding

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The procedure is pretty simple. Just sprinkle some paprika powder on the wound and press it with a tissue. The bleeding will stop in a no time.

You can not only use it on small cuts only, but in cases of serious cuts, arterial bleeding and nose bleeding too.

The paprika powder and clay powder do wonders in internal bleedings as well. Just mix a teaspoon of red paprika powder or clay powder in a cup of warm water and drink it.

It will indisputably stop the internal bleeding achieving the same results you’ve already experienced on an external cut.

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