It is not easy to be old soul. They are marked like weird, boring. If you know some old soul try to see life through his eyes and understand him. Here are their common problems:

Problems that Only Old Souls will Understand

1. They never feel truly understood

They have different believes and ideas and because of that they are rejected from others. They are never understood from other people.

2. They are seen as loners

Old souls are always the “black sheep” in the group. Often they have friends but they don’t appreciate them. Maybe is better to try to understand them instead push them from the group.

3. They are often judged for making decision based on feelings

Old souls don’t make fast decision. They leave everything to their feelings deep down. Because of that they are scrutinized by others and don’t understanded.

4. They have different ideas of fun

They can find pleasure in the small moments. They often enjoy in the nature, in the sunset, swinging in the park, weekend drive.

5. They enjoy being alone

They want to be isolated time to time. They enjoy with their friends and family but very often want to be alone. Sometimes that can impact in their relationship to.

6. They attract strangers

They are good listeners and very often they can attract some strangers that come up to them and want to talk. They have difficult time to remove from conversation because they feel duty to listen them.

7. They struggle with possibilities

They see infinite possibilities from other angles. They have trouble making decisions and often wonder if they are on the right track or they are making mistake. They constantly rethink their decision.

8. They aren’t sure if they will ever find their home

They have constantly feeling that they don’t belong in that environment. Even when they are with close relatives they have this feeling. They are always searching the place that they belong to.