The endings of your workout routines are extremely important in order to complete the training. Even if you are aware that you can reach your goal by doing intense workouts, you should keep in mind that the last effort that you put in your routine is the one that helps you to build the desired muscles.

How To build Muscle


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If you aim for a maximum growth of your muscles, you should try the following workout finishers that will make your workout more intense than ever before.

Workout Finisher for Chest


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In order to finish your chest workout, you should do the three-way cable crossover exercise. You should do 3 sets of 21 reps. Use 10 pounds lighter weight that you normally do.

Attach the handles on a high position and stand with your feet hip-width apart. When you pull the handles down, slightly bend your elbows and try to maintain your head straight.

Do the first 7 reps by pulling the handles in front of your body in a standing position. Next, do 7 more reps by bending your torso so that it is parallel to the floor.

Finish the exercise with another 7 reps similar to the first ones. This time, take a couple of steps forward before pulling the handles towards your midsection.


Workout Finisher for Shoulders


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After you are done with the shoulder exercises, you should finish off by doing a bent-over lateral raise. Take a pair of dumbbells that is about 10 pounds lighter than the one that you normally use.

Hold the dumbbells outside your legs and bend the waist. Then, stand up and shift straight to the lateral raise. Next, start to do an upright row by keeping your elbows high.

Lastly, you should finish by doing an overhead dumbbell press. When you are done, raise your arms and hold them over your head for 1 minute. Do 2 sets of 10 reps.

Workout Finisher for Back


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Attach a V-handle to a lower pulley cable and a lat bar to the upper pulley cable. Stand straight about 2 feet from the bar. Slightly bend your knees and pull the lat bar until it approaches your thighs.

Do 12 reps and shift to the low cable immediately afterwards. Stand further away from the V-handle in a slightly bent position. Keep your feet wide and pull the handle towards your midsection.

By doing so, bring your elbows backwards as much as you can. While doing this exercise, gradually increase the speed. Do 20 reps and, when you are done, repeat the whole set.

Workout Finisher for Arms

Muscle Growth

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After your biceps workout, you should do the dumbbell curl exercise which is one of the greatest muscle-builders.

Take four pairs of dumbbells, one that you use for your regular workout and others that are 10, 20 and 30 pounds lighter.

Start by curling one arm at a time towards your shoulder. Do as many reps as possible and, when you reach a failure, take a lighter pair of dumbbells. When you take all pairs of dumbbells to failure you can take a rest. Do 4 sets of this exercise.