Have you heard about Dale and Shannon Hickman? Not a long time ago, they were 30 year old parents who were grieving. But in 2011, they were both accused and convicted of man slaughter in second degree, because of the death of their newborn soon. The infant died only nine hoours after he was delivered in 2008, in their own home.

Last week was the final appeal, which was denied by the judge, who further said that they could have done much more in order to try and save the life of their child.

Their son, who they named David, was born two months premature! He was not a healthy infant and was in need of medical attention.

He was born with a staph infection that he got through his mother, and undeveloped lungs, making it hard for him to breathe. Then, he suddenly turned blue.

The main problem is that both of the parents are members of a church that is faith healing, and is located in Oregon, that is also clouded with controversy and unusual situations.

Because of their faith healing practice, more and more couples connected to that same church seem to be connected to death of children.

The appeal towards them was made based solely on their religious beliefs. It appeared that if their beliefs would have been different, the death of their infant would have never happened.

During the exhausting trial, the doctor who took the stand claimed that the infant would have a 99% of survival chances, if they would only considered calling 911. the cause of the baby’s death was staphylococcus pneumonia, which could have been treated.

The prosecutors said that the couple never intended on taking the baby to the hospital. The husband, instead of dialing 911, was praying, and the wife was trying to help the baby by massaging it with several diffferent oils.

The wife also had no other choice because her husband told her to do just that, instead of seeking medical help.

If this were a typical case of a second degree murder, it would get at least six years in prison, but because of the unusual circumstances, the couple were sentenced to 18 months in prison and a fine of 250.000 dollars.

A case similar to this one happened a couple of months ago. Another couple were sencented to jail because they failed to seek medical assistance for their infant daughter, who had a growth that could leave her blind in one eye. For this, they were sencented to only three months in prison.