No, it’s not a getting lucky sign, but it means that someone has tried to steal from you. Beware, since the ones doing this job or profession – so called thieveryare indisputably masters in it and are constantly improving their techniques and are up to date with every method.

Penny Placed Under your Car’s Door


While you’re preparing to park the car someone might be stalking you from far aside, finding ways to get closer without being spottedand trying to put a penny or a nickel under the door handle before you lock it, just to find it broken after you’re back.

Or they might be pretty fast while doing their job, that they might try to steal something from the front passenger’s seat while you’re at the gas station, or still in the car.

Thence, why not trying to constantly keep the doors of the car locked away, even when you, yourself are in it. You never know who may be stalking you from far aside or nearer and just as you turn your head to the other side, they might steal your purse or something else that they see a valuable, almost invisibly.

Take a look on the following video presenting some of the most common car thieveries. Consider it a fruitful video, one that will give you an insight of this job, and make you more aware of the road, not only focusing on the driving, but keeping your items safe from being stolen.