When you are under a great deal of stress, has it ever crossed your mind that you can make a difference and calm yourself down by finding the pressure points on your body? We are talking specifically about the ear reflexology.

According to the board certified reflexology expert Richard Randig all you have to do if you want to put yourself at ease is to find the pressure point in the ear for different parts of the body.

Press your Earlobe and See What will Happen

Press your Earlobe and See What will Happen

To relieve the stress from any part of the body, you will need to apply small pressure using your forefinger and thumb.

What Randig suggests is that this method works because of the position of the ear, having being extremely close to the brain. There are special techniques on how to work the ear in order to create a stress free mind and body.

For an example, if you press gently upon the earlobe, that will take away the stress and ache that is build up in your head. Every part of the ear, upon touch soothes a certain part of the body.

Furthermore, Integrative Health also claims that the ear massage can be found rather helpful when it comes to relieving from pain and addiction.

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And if you do not have enough time or resources to visit a professional in this practice, then you can easily try and do this by yourself, in the comfort of your own home.

Here is what you will have to do. Pick a comfortable chair and sit in it. Pull your hair back and take your earlobes between your fingers.

Start massaging them slowly and pull them a little down. Then, with a gentle press, continue this massage circling the entire ear. You can go around the ear a couple of times, until you feel completely relieved.

But note that first you should focus on one ear, before transferring to the other. Notice how every part of the ear makes you and a distinct part of the body feel pressure.

Press a little harder on every point of the ear you feel pain, hold for about five seconds, then release and move on.

By experiencing the ear reflexology you can cure any pain that your body makes you go through. From back pain, shoulder pain, to sinus pressure and headache, try it today, you have nothing to lose. On the contrary, you will feel unbelievably well.