You probably throw some spoiled food every time you go into the kitchen, and you are most certainly tired of wasting your money on food that will end up in the garbage. We usually throw things that turn sour, grow hair, or pass the expiration date.

Preventing Food from Spoiling

Preventing Food from Spoiling

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Nevertheless, here are some useful tricks on how to save some of your food fresh for a longer period of time and save your money.

1. Onions


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Take a pair of nylon stockings and put the onions in. Tie a knot between every onion and they will stay fresh for up to 8 months.

They are usually squeezed against each other when you store them, while the stockings keep the fresh air between them.

2. Berries


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It is usually the micro-organisms that spoil berries and there is an easy way to get rid of them and prolong the life of your fresh berries.

Take a bowl of water and add vinegar in a 10:1 ratio. Put the berries in, let them in for 5 minutes, drain them, and let them dry up.

3. Celery, lettuce, and Broccoli


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Just wrap these vegetables in an aluminum foil and store them in the fridge. That will definitely prolong the shelf-life and keep them fresh and crunchy.

4. Apples, Onions and Potatoes

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Never put these two together, in the same shelf or cupboard, since it cuts off their shelf-life. Potatoes usually produce toxic solanine or germs if not stored properly, so they should be stored in dark place in order not to do that.

5. Bananas


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To prolong the freshness and the great yellow, spot-free look of the banana, just wrap the stem around with a cling wrap.

6. Herbs


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Just take some olive oil, put your herbs in and freeze them. They are able to last for a very long time like this.

7. Eggs


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Take an ice cube container, crack the eggs in, and put them in the freezer. Also, add some salt or sugar in them so there are no grains when you take them out of the fridge.

8. Tomato Sauce


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You can also freeze tomato sauce by putting it into a freezer bag. Leave it in the freezer for approximately an hour and take the bag out.

Separate the frozen mass into individual portions by cracking it with the back of a knife or a pestle. You can use a separate portion when you need it.

9. Honey


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Honey has a really long lasting shelf-life. In fact it is believed to be one of the few super foods in the world that can go without spoiling for a really long time.

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To store your honey properly and prevent it from spoiling, it is important you have a tight sealed glass jar. Moreover, the jar should be put in a cool area.

10. Cake


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Every time you remove a piece of the cake, put a piece of white bread on the place you cut the cake and secure it with toothpicks.

The white bread will remove the moisture from the surrounding air. As a result, the cake will not dry out where the piece was cut.