Elizabeth Diamond is a single mother of 4 girls and she has recently been diagnosed with brain cancer, stage 4. She was so worried to what would happen to her four daughters after she dies that she did something unbelievable. She asked her friend Laura Ruffino a favor. But, not just any favor. Elizabeth wanted Laura to make a promise to adopt her daughters after she is gone. She and Laura have been long life friends since fifth grade, so Laura could not deny her that feeling of tranquility.


Normally, no one would agree to such burden. Having children is not an easy job and especially if you already have your own. However, these two women are a living proof that true friendship can move borders. Laura did not think twice before she agreed to her friend’s wish, although she already has two daughters.

Elizabeth was diagnosed in August, and Laura and her husband Rico adopted Elizabeth’s daughters in April. They are all different ages, between 5 and 12. However, Laura and Rico make sure that none of them ever feels isolated and unloved.


Rico said that he did not imagine his life like this 10 years ago. However, he accepted the challenge and gave everything he could to overcome all the obstacles on their way.

People have been astonished by the humanity, the affection, and the generosity of this family. They have been raising money to help them, and although Laura and Rico have difficulty to ask people for help, $ 40 000 have been collected so they can support these 6 girls.


Laura and Rico have turned out to build a happy 8-member family. They do everything in their power so everyone would feel loved and cherished, and no one would feel excluded. Their act of kindness demonstrates that humanity has not died. There are still people who would do anything to help others. Although they have always been able to take care of themselves and be self-sufficient, their act has woken up feelings of empathy. People are eager to help this family stay happy and well off.

Source: womendailymagazine