Acupressure is an ancient Chinese therapy which is used to regulate the circulation of energy throughout the body by applying pressure to certain body parts.

This method of healing can help you to alleviate various kinds of pain and to treat different health conditions without using any medications.

Relieve Headache

Relieve Headache

It can be done independently, simply by using your hands. The following acupressure technique will help you to get rid of a headache and to reduce your stress levels in only half a minute.

Hoku Point for Pain and Stress Relief

The hoku point is located on your hand, between the bones of your forefinger and your thumb. This acupressure point promotes a relaxation of the upper part of the body.

By pressing the hoku point, you will stimulate the work of your nerves, and you will alleviate your tension and anxiety.

In order to do this headache relieving technique, you should press the hoku point on one of your hands with the thumb and forefinger of the other hand.

Hold pressure on this point for about half a minute, or until you notice a relaxation of your muscles. Afterward, repeat the process on the other hand.

To get rid of your headache completely, you may repeat the technique two to three times.