There is a topic that you will be particularly interested in – lower back pain. Probably one of the most common ailments our body is subjected to.

If you ever suffered a lower back pain, you probably know that terrible feeling that can be debilitating. It’s appearing in the morning and it’s ‘occupying’ your whole day. In worst cases, it can even be disabling.

No matter what your occupation is and regardless of your age, all people are equally at risk of lower back pain, especially sciatica pain.

Some professions are demanding tough physical activity. Whether you perform a movement incorrectly or lift up more than you can handle, your lower back can get strained.

Office work can also be stressful for the lower back. Nobody is immune to this. And injuring your lower back further affects your overall mobility.

Need medical assistance? How about trying natural ways to relieve sciatica pain?


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For everyone that is unaware that there are natural ways to treat sciatica pain on your own, please read further. Here are some simple ways to relieve sciatica pain without the assistance of modern medicine:

Take a good rest because your back needs a 48 hours long rest in order to avoid further straining. Sleep on the side, with a pillow between your bent knees or sleep on your back with a pillow under the knees.

After that 2-day rest, you can return to your daily routines but avoid another injury by reducing the level of chores. This way you’ll give your lower back a chance to heal properly.

Regular and proper stretches will strengthen your back and keep your back muscles strong. It will also allow gaps in your vertebrae to widen. This practice is actually relieving stress on the nerves in the affected area.

Cold and hot therapy will offer you positive effects in relieving both back pain and swelling. If you want to try the heat therapy, apply heat to the affected area.

It will boost circulation and alleviate back muscle spasms. But if you would like to try the cold therapy, apply ice packs on the painful area or the swelling.

This will shrink your blood vessels which further reduces the inflammation.

Hot bath with Epsom salts relieves stress and heals pain. The heat from the bath will improve blood circulation and magnesium sulfate will work on relieving and healing the pain in your muscles.

Massage is definitely helpful for relieving pain in the lower back, as well as stress accumulated in the body.

Ask someone from your family to give you regular massages with essential oils until the pain is reduced or visit a massage therapist.

Drink water because you need to stay hydrated. Proper hydration will keep all your body parts well lubricated. This is actually reducing the chance of further injuries.

Ginger tea contains anti-inflammatory properties which are effective in relieving pain and swelling. Consider consuming three cups of ginger tea for the next 3 or 4 days.

Natural muscle relaxants such as celery seed, chamomile, yarrow, willow bark, Devil’s claw and angelica are known to be beneficial when it comes to loosening up the muscles and eliminating pain. Apply the muscle relaxant regularly for 3 or 4 days.

Feel free to combine few of the aforementioned methods to relieve sciatica pain. However, if the pain is severe and it persists, consult your doctor while you continue using these natural treatments.