Puberty is a time of changes. the entire body goes under a lot of change. Breasts start to grow, we get our period, the hormones start to act up, and we actually start feeling like women.

All of the parts of entering into puberty are easy to handle with, except the pubic hair. It would be really good if it was the other way around, instead of growing pubic hair, to grow just breasts.

Don’t Remove Pubic Hair

Remove Pubic Hair

But because this is not the case, women are doing everything to go against Mother nature’s will. There are million ways to escape the natural, look, such as shaving, waxing, different looks, it is all a matter of personal taste.

Nevertheless, after what we have to tell you, we think that you would like to cancel that waxing appointment and create a different lifestyle for yourself. Here are some facts that could change your mind.

1. Studies show that about 80% of the women suffered from some form of complication after waxing at least once in their life. The studies have also shown that overweight women are the ones who are truly in danger here, for they have bigger chances of suffering from a complication after a wax, and three times the normal risk amount after a full wax.

2. It is also confirmed by several dermatologists that removing all pubic hair leads to increased level of sexually transmitted diseases and viruses.

3. If you are suffering from an autoimmune disease, such as Diabetes 1, you will be exposed to a greater risk of catching another one after your full waxing treatment, remember that.

4. It is also advisable not to have intercourse right after shaving or waxing. It increases the possibilities of getting an STD. The best option is to wait out a day or two after you’ve shaved.

5. Needless to say that if you have ever waxed yourself before, you should be extra careful. Those pubic hairs can sometimes be tough to deal with, so watch out not to burn yourself with the wax.

6. This is a really important one – if you are suffering from psoriasis, eczema or find yourself using blood thinners, you will have to watch out, for it might make your skin really tender. If this is the case, you might wait to reconsider waxing, because it will rip your skin.

7. And of course, there is the itching that comes from shaving. Whether you are dealing with a dry shave or use warm water an plenty of lotion afterwards, the itch does not seem to go away. This is mostly because the growing hair is coming out of the follicle, causing a terrible itch.

Bottom line is – do not shave or wax your pubic hair. Mother nature must have put them for a good reason, so do not challenge her by removing them. Let your health be your priority.