Cockroaches are insects which can be found anywhere in the world due to their wide range of taste for food and different preferences of climate.

They can survive without food for over a month, and they support extremely high levels of radiation, which makes them one of the most resistant species on the planet.

Remove the Cockroaches

Remove the Cockroaches

These insects are ones of the primary conveyors of harmful microorganisms. The microbes which are carried by the cockroaches are spread from their saliva over anything they come in contact with. It is extremely important to eliminate the cockroaches from your home since they can contaminate many items of your daily use.

If you have trouble getting rid of these insects, you should try the following easy trick which doesn’t involve any industrial and dangerous poisons.

Bay Leaves – The Best Natural Cockroach Repellent

The cockroaches find the smell of the bay leaves unbearable, which makes these leaves one of the best cockroach repellents. You can use either fresh bay leaves or dry.

Also, you can crush some dry leaves and make a powder. When the leaves are used in this way, they release a much stronger smell.

In order to get rid of these insects, all you have to do is to place some laurel branches in every corner of your home. Place 10 leaves in your kitchen or pantry, and you will never have problems with these insects again.

The bay leaves are completely safe and non-toxic, and they can be placed in areas where food is stored. You can also put some bay leaves in your garden.

By doing so, you will rapidly eliminate the cockroaches without worrying about the safety of your children and pets.