According to the recent studies, diet rich in acidic foods increases the uric acid levels in the body. That leads to conditions like joint pain, gout and uric acid crystallization.

You might be woken up by a sharp and throbbing pain in the foot in the middle of the night, and your feet might get swollen and inflamed. You will feel them sore and tender and you might not even bear the slightest friction from the bed sheets.

Gout and joint pain can lead to many painful conditions such as kidney stones. That happens because of the build-up of the uric acid in the urine or in the blood.

There are many factors that can cause that, but mainly it can be due to acidic diet. Therefore, to get rid of this problem you need to introduce a more alkaline diet to the body.

Alkaline diet can lower the levels of uric acid and reduce the cases of joint-related issues.

What Food should you Eat to Prevent Uric Acid from Building Up

removing uric acid from the body

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You should avoid food rich in protein and amino acids like meat and dairy products. Moreover, you should also avoid sugar, mayo, corn, alcohol, salad oils and products like that since they produce acidic by-products in your body.

Instead, try eating more greens, miso, cabbage, pineapple, vinegar, bell peppers, kiwi, mushrooms, basil, pumpkin, walnuts and more foods that produce alkaline conditions.

Cucumber Juice Recipe


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To remove uric acid from your body and prevent gouts and joint pain, try making this drink. It has amazing effects on the body, and you will know it works if you feel a little pain in the throat while drinking it.


• 1 middle sized cucumber
• 1 ribs of celery
• 1 slice of lemon
• 2 inch ginger root


Wash all the ingredients thoroughly with water. Crave the ginger root, cut the lemon, cut the cucumber into small pieces and prepare the celery sticks.

Mix them in a blender and put the mixture in a glass bottle. There should be enough mixture for several days. Make sure you drink it twice a day.

Removing Uric Acid from the Body


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It has been proven that cucumber has effects of diuretic and it has the ability to prompt digestion. As a result it stimulates the production of more urine in the kidneys and takes away more creatinine and uric acid.

Celery contains two chemicals, sedanolide and 3-n-Butylphthalide that can relief gout and prevent it. They have anti-inflammatory properties and provide relief from gout pain.

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They also act as natural diuretics so they allow the body to produce more urine. That helps in flushing uric acid and other toxins out of the body.

Ginger acts as a strong anti-inflammatory agent and lowers the symptoms of gout. Therefore ginger can be very helpful in relieving the pain and the inflammation.

Lemon is part of the citrus fruit family, and they have been shown to help in dissolving uric acid in the blood due to the high levels of citric acid.

That provides a relief from a gout attack and prevents uric acid to crystallize and cause even worse health issues like kidney stones.