In the year of 2014, a twenty year old girl, Bekah Miles, was unfortunately diagnosed with depression. She is a student, psychology major at the University George Fox in Newberg, Oregon.

She has been struggling with her self-esteem and her emotions. Because of her not being sure how to present her state to those close to her, the condition she was in just got worse with time.

Thankfully, one day she decided to open up. The reason for it all was right in front of her nose, in class. In one of her classes, she found her professor opening up about her struggle with depression.

Miles said that she slowly began to realize everything. In her class, the professor opened up about what it was like for her to overcome this mental illness.

When she heard the words of her professor, she could not help but think how there is a cure for everything. And even though a person may seem like the most intelligent or happy person in the world, the struggle within is what we rarely show to thse around us.

Miles sought out her professor shortly after, because she realized that she needed help. The professor provided her with the proper care. Because she was truly inspired by her professor’s story, Miles decided to make a crucial change in her life.

She went out to get a tattoo, and then, along with her tattoo, she showed to the world in a short video how she had been struggling with the demons inside of her for a very long period of time. Not so long after, the video became viral all over the Internet.

But what about her tattoo? What is so special about it? Well, it is an ambigram. When you see it from most angles, it reads I’m fine, but if you try to read it upside down it reads Help me. She chose this to be her everlasting symbol of her struggle with depression, and a reminder that she got over it.

But best of all, there is a great outcome to this – after posting this video, after becoming famous with what she overcame, she became a major voice for those who have been suffering from any kind of mental illness.

She claims that you will be surprised to know how many people around you are suffering from anxiety, depression or any other mental condition. Finally, she says that she may only be a person, but she could save another person, and that is all she truly asks of people.