It’s true that sometimes we can feel that being watched when nobody is around us, or in the room has normal temperature and suddenly our body gets chill and you feel goosebumps.

That’s your spirit guide. He sometimes whispers a word to you and sometimes can scream and shows some signs to you. You must learn to recognize that signs and connect with him.

1. Temperature changes

When you are in normal temperature room and suddenly feel chill or feel cold. In this situation your spirit want to tell you that he is here for you and he is protecting you.

That sudden change of temperature can mean mystical sense of protection.

2. Number sequences

Sometimes you see consecutive numbers in license plate, the clock, address, mail boxes, then you must know – that hold special meaning.

They are communications from angels. Don’t ignore this signs because your spirit want to tell you something.

3. Special fragrances

Sometimes maybe you will smell some roses or gardenias on place that has no flowers. Or smell cigar smoke or some place that you can even imagine. Pay attention to those moments.

4. Animals will begin to act in different levels

Animals have sense to see and feel what our human eye cannot. This means that when your spirit is near you, animals will start to act in different levels. Your spirits can push your animals to protect you from something.

You must free your mind to facilitate to your spirit to come close to you and communicate easy.

It is natural to feel fear when you are faced with signs posted by the spirits of our loved ones. They will continue to love you after death, so instead of fear, answer with love. Be open-minded and remember that it is the spirit of an unknown person, but it’s your friend or relative who is trying to establish contact.

Although many people claim that are communicated with the dead, yet most of us are skeptical. There are psychics or mediums who can ask if you want to make contact, but beware of scammers who will tell you everything you want to hear.