Experts have always been wondering and debating about how much exercise is enough to be healthy, and if exceeding that amount of exercise can harm your health.

There are two new studies conducted on precisely this matter, which somehow clarify this issue and give some suggestions of the ideal dose of exercise for a longer and healthier life.

Stay Healthy and Live Longer

Stay Healthy

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Although many people think that prolonged exercise may be harmful for your body, these two studies show that it is actually not harmful at all, and in fact, it prolongs your life.

The studies also show that even the smallest dose of exercise is better than not exercising at all, if you want to reduce the risk of many health issues.

150 Minutes a Week of Exercise

Although you cannot precisely give a dose of exercise, health organizations recommend at least 150 minutes of exercise per week in order to stay healthy and in good physical and mental state. However, it is not completely certain that this is the ideal amount of exercise.

Moreover, scientists conducted studies on whether there is a safe limit of how much exercise is enough, and if overstepping that limit would do any harm.

Also, they have been studying whether the intensity and the length of the exercise can prolong a person’s life.

Results of the Studies

First Study

The first study, which was conducted by the researchers with the National Cancer Institute, Harvard University and other institutions did 6 surveys on health and exercise.

They have gathered all the results from all of their surveys to get information of around 600.000 middle-aged adults.

During the research, these adults were given a weekly exercise time which they had to follow. Some of them did not exercise at all, some worked out but did not reach the 150-minutes-a-week plan, and some of them engaged in exercising 150 hours a week or more.

In 14 years of study, the researchers have found that people who did not engage in any exercise had the highest risk of premature death, which is not a surprising fact.

Those people who exercised a little, but less than 150 hours per week and those who reached this limit had shown significantly lower risk of 31 percent chance of dying.

Those who worked out double or triple the amount of recommended exercise had 39 percent less chance of dying.

According to these results, researchers have found out that there is not a big difference in mortality rate between people who met the recommended exercise time of 150 minutes per week and those who worked out more.

Although the second group of people had spend significantly more time sweating, they did not make a lot of difference in the risk of dying young.

Second Study

Another study concerning this matter had similar results to the previous one. Researchers from Australia have conducted the study on 200.000 adults. They determined how much of intense exercise would all of them get.

When they checked the statistics, they also found that those who met the guidelines definitely reduced the risk of dying prematurely, even if they just walked.

However, those people who worked out more intensely and longer hours also reduced the risk of dying young, but not with a big difference in percentage.

Being Physically Active is Definitely a Benefit

These studies have shown that there is a strong association between health and exercise. Therefore, being physically active is always a plus, even if you are doing the smallest amount of exercises. Moreover, the studies have also shown that larger doses of exercise are not harmful at all.