There have been so many attempts in finding a solution for eternal youth, although without any success. Aging is an inevitable part of the life. It certainly cannot be stopped completely, yet it can be stalled. People find ways to do that, since it makes us look happier and more satisfied with our looks and well being.

It is very important to stay healthy if you want to slow down aging. Food plays a crucial part in whether you are looking younger or growing older faster. It all depends on how the food is prepared. If you cook your food the right way, you can look healthier and more youthful.

Stop Aging Now

stop aging now

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Antioxidants are inevitable if you want to prevent aging. Fruits and vegetables contain lots of antioxidants, which block the unfavorable characteristics of free radicals that are a starting point of many reactions in the body.
From the fruits consume citrus, like oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and also avocado. The vitamins that these foods contain are miraculous for your youth effect, especially vitamin C found in the citrus fruits. Also, the avocado burns a lot of fat and makes your skin look younger.

Green vegetables like broccoli and spinach should also be a part of your diet. Broccoli lowers the possibility of getting cancer, and the lutein in the spinach helps your anti-aging effect.

Don’t forget the carrot. Beta-carotene contained in its structure is beneficial for your skin. However, it is better if it is consumed fresh since the effect is lost if cooked. You can eat it just peeled, in a salad, or make a tasty fresh carrot juice.

Your blood should also be cleaned out of toxins if you want to stay looking young. For that reason include garlic and onions in your meals. Your blood pressure will be regulated and your blood vessels will not clod from bad cholesterol.

The tomato and the kale give you a younger looking appearance as well. The tomato helps your body function properly, and you can still eat it cooked without losing any of its good properties. Kale, on the other side should never be overcooked if you want it to be effective. If you eat kale your chances of getting breast cancer or stomach cancer are minimized.


stop aging now

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You can also find antioxidants in berries and grapes. Their skin and their seeds also prevent clotting of the blood vessels and burn the bad cholesterol.

Your brain should also function well if you want to stay young and healthy. For that purpose include folic acid in your food list. It also helps your blood pressure.

Despite the fact that you should pay attention to what you eat and how you eat it, you should also be active and exercise regularly. Try to reduce the stress and take it easy, but live smart. Take good care of your body and mind and you will always look and feel much younger. And do not wait! Start changing your life today.