Strange things happen that make our lives change in a heartbeat. This is what happened when a stray puppy wandered around and ended up in an an army base in Iraq. He won the hearts of all the soldiers in the base in a heartbeat.

So, they gave him a name – Ollie. He particularly created a strong bond with one soldier. This soldier was former Army Specialist Ken Wyrsch took Ollie under his wing and carefully raised him.

While Ken was serving duty, they created such a strong bond that they spent every free moment together. Ken told the press that Ollie was there when they went away on their missions, and when they got back, he was still there, waiting for them.

But, as all stories, this one came to an end. We have seen it before, two creatures, a human and his companion, becoming best friends, but sooner or later one of them has to leave the other, and the one that leaves is usually the human.

This happened to them – Ken was finished with his duty and went back to the states alone and heartbroken. The unit also shut down, and Ken knew that it is time to part.

Deep inside, part of him always knew that he would have to leave Ollie behind. He was scared that the dog will not survive it because of its mild temper and sweet nature. He wanted to protect him from the potential abuse and the harsh environment.

This is why, instead of trying to move on with his life and forget him, Ken contacted the SPCA Internatonal (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) in hopes that they will raise the funds necessary to rescue Ollie from the cruel environment there and bring him all the way across the world, to California.

One month later, it happened. Ollie was transfered to California and when they met, it was an emotional encounter. Ollie was hugging Ken as much as he was hugging him. He got into the car and they drove home, happiness could be felt all around them!

Sweet Dog