The ovarian cancer is one of the most dangerous types of cancer. It is also known as the „silent killer“. Do you know why? Because the symptoms it shows are barely noticeable and can usually be mistaken for something else, less dangerous.

The cause of it? It can be practically anything – from excess use of oral contraceptives, to age, genetics, anything.

It is of vital importance to diagnose it in the early stages, and in order to do so, one has to listen to the body carefully and to discover the symptoms as they show themselves. Here are the main symptoms of ovarian cancer.

Symptoms for Ovarian Cancer

Symptoms for Ovarian Cancer

  • Your menstrual cycle will be irregular. Even though this mainly happens to women who are over 55 years old, it can also happen to girls who haven’t even had their first period yet. You should also check for stomach bloating, for it is a symptom too.
  • The main target of the ovarian cancer is the abdomen, so if you are suffering from loss of appetite, frequent constipation or gasses, is maybe because the body telling you that you have ovarian cancer.
  • Pain in the pelvis, the stomach, back pains – everything is connected. If you feel a constant pain, then you definitely have symptoms of ovarian cancer.
  • Excessive hair growth or hair loss, even though is connected to some other diseases or disorders, it is best for you to make sure, for it is also a symptom for the silent killer.
  • Nausea, constant tiredness, shortness of breath, vomiting, early satiety and exhaustion. These are key symptoms of ovarian cancer. They are felt in the early stages, so if you suffer from any of these, make sure you check yourself immediately.
  • And of course, you will feel an extreme pain during sexual intercourse. Doctors claim that the pain is caused by the pressed pelvic area and the bladder. If experiencing this, you must consult with a medical person at once.

Hopefully these symptoms have been of an assistance to you. Keep a healthy body.