Many people suffer from static nerve pain. If you feel pain in the lower part of the back that expands from your back through the hips and the behind of the thighs to your knees, you may be dealing with sciatica.

Apart from feeling excessive pain in the back and in the legs, sciatica can be the cause of your feelings of weakness and tiredness.

Tennis Ball Therapy

tennis ball therapy

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If you are dealing with static back pain, you can try a tennis ball therapy that aims to calm the piriformis muscle, located in the lower limb, and to ease the pain.

This therapy acts as a pressure point massage and a back rub. The purpose of this therapy is to decrease the pressure of the static nerve and to relieve the tension of the muscles.

The best thing about this therapy is that you can perform it yourself at home.

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Sit or lie down on the floor and place the tennis ball on the muscle which is causing you to feel pain. Slowly move your body over the tennis ball.

You should feel the movement of the ball on the painful muscle. While moving the ball, you will encounter some tender spots. You should keep the ball pressed on those spots for fifteen to twenty minutes.

You can also use two tennis balls to act on a greater area of your back. Repeat this therapy at least two times a day and you will see significant results in a short period of time.

This therapy is recommended if the back pain is caused by tense muscle or a pinched nerve. In case if your pain is caused by a bone, you should consider consulting a doctor before you start this therapy.