This amazing recipe is indisputably the best cure for everything affecting your organism.

Not only it cleanses the digestive system of the pathogenic microflora, regenerates the secretive system, the kidneys, the immune system, cleanses the blood cells, but it was proven to be a great anti-carcinoma agent as well.

The Cure for All Diseases

the cure for all diseases

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At the same time it can strengthen the memory and boost the brain work, protect from a heart attack and treats people who have survived more heart attacks protecting their organism from other ones to appear.

It also works great treating wrist inflammation and is the perfect remedy for all of those on a lose weight diet plan, being a good body weight regulator and giving the required nutritive values the organism loses during the diet.

How to Prepare it

the cure for all diseases


– 12 garlic bulbs;
– 1 kg honey;
– 400 g nuts;
– 15 lemons;
– 400 g wheat grain;

At first you need to clean the wheat grain. Put the wheat grain in a clean glass jar and fill it with water. Leave it to stand overnight and after 12 hours pour the water over a clean towel and strain it through a gauze.

Put the cleaned wheat in a jar and leave it to sprout for about 24 hours.

The next thing to do is,grind the wheat, nuts, cleaned garlic and 5 lemons and mix it all together. Squeeze the juice from the rest of the lemons and mix it with the other ingredients in a bowl.

Add the honey and mix with a wooden spoon. Pour the mixture into jars and keep them in a cold and dark place or in the fridge.

Leave the ingredients to combine for three days before consuming it.

It’s recommendable to take 1-2 tablespoons of the remedy at least half an hour before each meal. Use it until you finish all of it.

If by any chance you’re using it to treat cancer, try to take a tablespoon or two on every two hours.

Keep your organism healthy and strong enough to battle against the diseases trying to attack it by practicing this miraculous remedy once a year.

Thanks to the minerals, vitamins, proteins, bio-active substances, carbohydrates and herbal fat it contains it will do more than wonders to your organism.

It was proved to help lots of people from all over the world, providing wellbeing, energy and freshness, boosting the function of the glands and the internal organs, maintaining your body’s strength and health at the highest level.