The length of your fingers can reveal a lot of information about your personal traits and characteristics.

A number of researchers have sketched out three hand types by comparing the lengths of the index finger and the ring finger, and they have identified the specific characteristics that go along with each type. Here are your personality traits according to your finger length.

Length of Fingers

Length of Fingers

Your Ring Finger Is Shorter Than Your Index Finger

The people whose ring finger is shorter than the index finger are genuine, sincere, and passionate. They are persuasive, intelligent, courageous, and daring, and they are always willing to try new things.

Your Index Finger Is Shorter Than Your Ring Finger

The people whose index finger is shorter than the ring finger are generally charming and irresistible. They are intelligent, creative, and ambitious, and they tend to take more risks than the other people, which usually makes them more successful in their careers.

Your Index and Ring Finger Are of the Same Length

Those with index and ring fingers of equal length are more peaceful and even-tempered that the other finger length types.

They are attractive, wise, emotionally stable, and confident, which makes them good partners and team players.