Hot dogs are considered a favorite among the fast food products, and the simplest one to do as well. But have you ever wondered how the hot dog sausages are produced. You might think that the hot dogs are all made of pure meat, but you’re wrong about it.

Hot Dog

Hot Dog

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There is actually no pure meat there, but it consists of the leftover parts such as joints and tissues of the beef, chicken and pork meat, mixed with other additives and flavors which vary of where the hot dogs are going to be sold (since people in different regions have different tastes), all blended, mixed and making a mash on which at the end water is added and mixed once more before packing it in casings and moving through to the following steps of preparation all through the last step of packaging.

It takes only thirty five seconds to make a chain of hot dogs that would span a soccer field twice.

Watch the video below and go through the whole process of production. You will be literally shocked once you see this and will think twice before buying hot dogs again.

How it’s Made – Hot Dog