Most people think that the only key to losing weight is to eat less and exercise more. However, that is not always the case. You should know what actually makes you fat and how to react to it in order to lose weight. You should be aware of the following:

Things that Make you Gain Weight

1. Not Everyone has the Same Amount of Fat Cells

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During your childhood new fat cells emerge and they stop by the time we are adolescents. Therefore, some people have more fat cells than others. In this case, even if you lose some weight, the fat-cells count remains.

However, it is better to have more fat cells since fewer count of them makes you overstuffed and enlarge, and more prone to obesity and complications related to it. Nevertheless, although you cannot reduce your fat cells, you can do some things that can keep them small.

2. Reduce Stress

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Stress makes you crave for carbs and fatty foods. Your fat storage increases if the levels of stress hormones are high.

Take you mind off of your daily problems that cause a lot of stress and do some activities that can help you reduce it, like quality time with your family, walk in the park, yoga, etc.

3. Sleep Plays an Important Role

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A research has shown that if you sleep more you have a greater sense of fullness. Sleep deprivation causes hormonal imbalance.

So the hormone that helps you feel full, the leptin, decreases, and the one that makes you feel hungry, the ghrelin, increases. As a result, we eat although we are not always hungry.

4. Food Is Addictive

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Research has shown that some foods cause addiction, similarly to drugs and alcohol. Eating them, or just watching that food, excites your brain the way drugs do, and the levels of dopamine increase, which is the pleasure hormone.

5. Increase the Intake of Antioxidants


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When you eat, especially carbohydrates, free radicals emerge in the organism, and these make you looks not just old, but also fat. The brain has receptors that tell you when you are full and you should stop eating.

However, the more junk food you eat, the more you fill your body with free radicals, and the less these receptors work. The best solution is to eat fruit and vegetables full with antioxidants that clear the free radicals, and make you lose fat.

6. Damaged Taste Nerves


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Ear infections usually damage taste nerves, and the result is not being able to taste all the food. If that happens, you are more likely to get overweight.

That is because those who suffer from ear infection taste sweetness and fattiness the most, so they eat more of those foods.

7. Your Mom’s Pregnancy is Important


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Smoking and drinking during pregnancy can damage the brain of the unborn baby, and the same goes for junk food.

Mothers who eat more fatty foods during pregnancy, cause fatty acids to float around the womb, and that upsets the metabolism and the control of appetite in the developing brain. Pregnant women should eat more healthy food before their newborns come to the world.

8. Your Spouse has a Role in this too

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Research shows that losing or gaining weight can be contagious. Spouses influence to one another in their bad or healthy habits.

So, if your spouse eats healthy and exercises, you are more likely to be motivated to do the same. As a result, you are both losing weight.

9. Speed up your Metabolism

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Metabolism has a lot to do with burning or adding more fat cells to your body. And the more you gain weight, the more difficult is to lose it. To speed up your metabolism, start being physically active and eating healthy food full of nutrients.

10. Overweight People can also be Fit

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It doesn’t always mean that if you are fat, you are not healthy. A study has shown that a group of overweight people had lower levels of cholesterol, blood sugars, and normal blood pressure, in comparison to other group of trim people. The others, although they had normal weight, were metabolically abnormal, and they had increased risk of heart disease.