There are several foods that have an ability to destroy cancer cells. According to a number of experts, these natural ingredients, with their powerful anti-carcinogenic properties, are even more effective in treating cancer than the conventional chemotherapy treatment because they don’t cause any side effects.

These cancer-fighting foods can successfully heal this deadly disease due to their ability to prevent the supply of blood to the cancer cells.

Treat and Prevent Cancer

Treat and Prevent Cancer

They are helpful in decreasing the growth of cancer cells because they can prevent them from feeding. Here are the best foods and drinks that will help you to treat and prevent cancer.


The consumption of turmeric can significantly improve your overall health. Due to its numerous anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties, this spice can protect you against various diseases.

According to three different studies, a regular consumption of turmeric can successfully treat and prevent different types of cancer. In order to fight this disease, you should add this spice to your meals on a daily basis.

Dark Chocolate

Apart from being extremely delicious, the dark chocolate is highly beneficial for improving your overall health.

This chocolate is helpful in regulating your blood pressure, improving your heart health, and enhancing your mood. The dark chocolate has also been proven to be effective in killing cancer cells.

Red Wine

Red wine is an excellent source of resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant, found in the grape skins, that decreases the risk of cancer. Only one glass of red wine (225 ml) contains 640 mcg of resveratrol.

According to various medical studies, this antioxidant inhibits cancer growth, improves the production of energy in the human cells, kills bacteria, fungi, and viruses, increases glucose tolerance in diabetes, eliminates harmful free radicals, promotes a healthy physical and mental function, improves heart function, repairs damaged DNA, and prevents a cell damage caused by nuclear radiation.

Blueberries and Raspberries

The blueberries and raspberries have powerful cancer-fighting properties. These two fruits are packed with numerous essential nutrients.

They are extremely rich in phytochemicals which are effective in protecting against various types of cancer, as well as in reducing the oxidative stress and destroying the cancer cells.

Tomato Juice

According to the findings of a recent study which was conducted at the Harvard University, the people who drink tomato juice more than five times a month have a reduced risk of developing a prostate cancer by nearly 50%.

The researchers have discovered that the tomatoes are effective in destroying cancer cells because of their great content of lycopene, a compound that has very strong anti-carcinogenic properties.