Almost everyone is aware that olive oil contains many ingredients in its construction that can do miracles for your organism. Nutritionists always recommend the olive oil to be included in the meals on a daily basis. However, there is one more benefit that people are probably not aware of. Olive oil can cure cancer by killing its cells in only 30 minutes.

Olive Oil

cure for cancer

via flickr by U.S. Department of Agriculture licensed CC BY 2.0

The journal “Molecular and Cellular Oncology” started conducting this research so they would find out and inform people of how much their food and the ingredients they put in it can cause or prevent cancer. They were amazed by the results from their research since they found out that olive oil can actually kill cancer cells.

The reason the olive oil is so powerful is because of the oleocanthal in its formula. This is actually the compound part that allows this miracle to happen. But not only that, oleocanthal can help any age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s, also osteoporosis, any inflammations, and tumors as well.

Unbelievable Cure for Cancer

cure for cancer

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Cancer cells have enzymes and for the cancer cell to be destroyed the oleocanthal uses these enzymes against each other. They fight one another and they destroy themselves. There will be some leftovers from the cancer cells, yet, the oleocanthal forces them out of the organism.

Therefore, doctors and scientists strongly advice olive oil to be included in your cooking and eating. However, make sure it is fresh and organic. Using it should turn to a daily habit and it should also be combined with a right nutrition plan and taking some rest and it should be strengthened with some optimism and the ability to make the right choices of what you eat to stay healthy. You do not have to spend a fortune on expensive medical treatments. Nature is always your best choice.