In Japan, the lunchtime is regarded as any other 45-minute educational period. The following video shows how the students spend their lunchtime in this elementary school, located in Saitama, Japan.

Just like any other subject, this period is used for learning. The students are taught how to grow their own food, and how to maintain their personal hygiene.

These students grow and peel their own vegetables on the school’s farm. They serve the meals to their peers, and they clean after lunch. Here is a video showing that the lunch period is so much more than just eating.

This 9-minute video presents that every step of the Japanese lunch period is a well-planned and organized process. During this particular lunchtime, the menu includes home-cooked mashed potatoes, fish with pear sauce, and five-vegetable soup.

These students are taught how to collaborate in a friendly and interesting, and at the same time very educational, way.

Video Showing what Lunchtime Looks Like in this Japanese School