It is of common knowledge that people get stressed all the time, whether it is stress coming from your home or work, it is always present. And it does not only affect the mind, it has it’s impact on the body too.

People tend not to have the most important meal of the day – the breakfast. This might trick the body for a while there that the food is not necessary.

Watch your Belly Fat Disappear

Belly Fat

But later in the day the body starts craving for something filled with calories, so basically this does not do much good to you. Not to mention that people who do not eat breakfast usually overstuff themselves at dinner time.

Recently, it was scientifically proven that people who eat oatmeal for breakfast will not have any craving for snacks during the rest of the day.

This experiment was done on 36 people, divided into three groups. The first group had only water for breakfast, the second group had 350 calories oatmeal, and the third group 350 calories of sugared corn flakes.

The groups were comprised of overweight and normal weight people. Scientists regularly checked and observed their appetites, hormone levels, insulin, glucose and acetaminophen.

The interesting thing they discovered was that the satiate values were much higher in the group that ate oatmeal than in the group that ate sugared corn flakes.

And, the level of hunger was the same within three hours in both groups – the ones that had corn flakes and the ones that had only water for breakfast.

The fun part in these results was that they were more pronounced with the overweight people, and from this we can take out the conclusion that the dietary fiber in the oatmeal have more effects on the satiate values with overweight people.

The oatmeal, besides from being beneficial in losing weight, has plenty of other properties, such as reducing the blood pressure, reducing the possibility of colorectal cancer and coronary artery ailment. We hope that in the future, after reading this, you will make great use out of it.