It is of common knowledge that if you want your muscles to stay strong and active, you have to exercise plenty to keep them active.

For an example, if you fracture your leg and use walking aids or a wheelchair for a certain period of time, it will become weaker.

Never have to Wear Glasses Again

Never have to Wear Glasses Again

This is how we are trying to explain that every muscle in the body counts. So does the eye muscles. They have to be used and exercised as well, and often.

What weakens your sight is not doing regular exercises to the eye muscles and wearing glasses. Those tiny little muscles have to be active as much as any other muscle in the human body. So, if you have the wish to improve your eyesight without wearing any glasses you need to do the following.

First, don’t apply pressure to the eyes, just close them for a minute or two every three hours. You have pressure points around the eyes that need to be massaged daily in order to improve your vision, and then you can forget about wearing glasses!

With these small massages, the pressure on the eyeball must be applied with the middle and the index finger. Press lightly, and press the exact specific points which can be found in any chart online.


Things you always have to keep in mind are these – consume a mixture of carrot juice and olive oil on a daily basis, look into the distance every time you’re going for a walk, always wash your eyes with warm water, and refrain from using a computer at least two hours before you go to bed.

the Indian exercise called Trataka will help you maintain a healthy vision. It can also stimulate your third eye. When you are using this form of meditation you need to focus on something that is greatly distanced from you.

You ought to keep your focus solely on the object you are looking at, and stare at it until tears start falling down from your eyes. Then, just shut your eyes and rest them.