Staying active during your pregnancy can have a number of benefits, as long as there isn’t serious medical reason for you to stay away from physical activity.

If your doctor gives you the green light for exercise during pregnancy, you should definitely try prenatal yoga.

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga

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This type of yoga is different, than your typical yoga class since it is uniquely designed for pregnancy. Practicing prenatal yoga is an amazing way to stay active and prepare your body and mind for labor and motherhood.

Down below we offer you the mental and physical benefits of prenatal yoga during pregnancy.

Improves your Sleep

Recent study showed that mindful yoga shows promise for women in their second trimester of pregnancy to diminish total number of awakenings at night and improve sleep efficiency.

When you are so pregnant you can barely see your toes and your hormones are acting up all you want to do is sleep all day.

Helps keep you Stress free

Prenatal yoga can help reduce stress levels in mothers, due to deep, steady breathings. Going through the pregnancy yoga poses you will learn several breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques.

These techniques will show you how to get out of your head and stay connected with your body.Prenatal yoga breathing techniques might also help you reduce or manage shortness of breath during pregnancy.

Moreover, such smooth breathing will regulate your blood pressure and heart rate, which is also good for the baby’s environment.

Lowers the Risk of Complications

Prenatal yoga can lower the risk of pregnancy health complications, including high blood pressure, intrauterine growth restriction and preterm labor.

In the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine was published that prenatal yoga has something protective and beneficial to offer even in high risk pregnancies.

Practicing it can transform a woman´s pregnancy and the health of her baby.

Can Help Ease Typical Pregnancy Problems

By doing pregnancy yoga, you are stretching your entire body, which leads to increased circulation. This movement can reduce swelling and alleviate pregnancy-related aches such as lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and headaches. Moreover, it can help you with yourmorning sickness and fatigue.

Prepares Future Mothers for the Major Life Changes

The practice prepares your body, mind and spirit for childbirth. It encourages deep, intimate connection with your baby, while you are waiting for the life-long journey of motherhood to begin.

According to a research published in the magazine Women’s health issues prenatal yoga can also decrease the symptoms of prenatal depression – a condition that affects many pregnant women worldwide.

Offers Sense of Sisterhood

It can be very comfortable and educative to be in the same room with a group of women who really understand what we are going through.

Prepares soon-to-be Moms for Labor

Prenatal yoga can help you focus on breathing in and out slowly and deeply through the nose in order to manage pain, discomfort and work through contractions.

It prepares you for labor by strengthening your body and boosting your confidence. The nine month practice helps you get ready for the most difficult task of all-giving birth.