In the Latin families, the time of celebrating the birthday, especially the 15th one, is a very big deal. One girl, Monique Salinas, who lives with her parents in Benavides, Texas, had her every wish fulfilled on that day.

The family had lived through some really difficult times. Ten years ago, when Monique was only five, she and her brother Mikey were in a terrible car accident and he did not survive it.

She missed her brother every single day since then. But, on the day of her birthday she found out something incredible!

Even though she was little, and her parents were too going through the process of grieving, they decided to donate all of his organs.

At that time, aa small girl at the age of 8, Audrey Reeves, was suffering from a congenital heart disease and needed an immediate heart transplant.

By that time her body had already rejected two hearts, but the one from Mikey was the one that fit her perfectly. The process of donating was strictly anonymous and neither the parents knew who received the heart nor Audrey knew who had saved her life.

But now, ten years later, the information about Adrey were sent to the home of the parents of Mikey. When they read them, they wanted to know all about Audrey, and the birthday of Monique was coming up, so they decided to invite them to the party to meet them in person. Both sides were excited to take this step.

Audrey and her parents accepted the invitation ,and drove 10 hours to get to the party. At first, they were not noticed by many people, but then an announcement from Monique’s parents, saying that the heart of her brother is standing in the middle of the room, brought her to tears.

Monique and Audrey hugged in tears, both feeling the beat of the heart. Mickey was actually attending this birthday party. It was a very emotional moment for everyone, and definitely the best present Monique could have hoped for.

They both promised each other to take care of one another, and to always be by each other’s side.