It is well-known that sleep is essential for our body and our brain to function normally throughout the day. However, a study conducted by experts from Duke University, has shown that how much sleep a person needs to function properly depends on the gender. Namely, it has been revealed that women need more sleep than men because they are more mentally active during the day.

Women Need More Sleep Than Men

The experts have recommended that women have more sleep to decrease the chances of being depressed, having heart problems and psychological issues. Less sleep than recommended irritates the brain, slows its function and even brings about memory loss. A person cannot even be able to make proper moral judgements and can even have hallucinations.

women need more sleep than men

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Moreover, your heart cannot function properly and with that the chances of suffering from a heart disease are increased. Your immune system will also be damaged. Your whole body will not function properly. You may get tremors and aches in your muscles, as well as slower reflexes.

Michael Breus, an expert on sleep and a psychologist, tested men’s and women’s functions in conditions of lack of sleep. According to his research, there is a huge difference between the moods in men and women who had not had enough rest. Namely, women are more prone to depression, indignation, and enmity, compared to men.

The reason because women need more sleep may raise a lot of discussions, however it is ascertained that women use their brains more than men do during the day. They even use them more than men whose professions are more cognitive and decision-making. Indeed, women can multi-task more than men. Therefore, the more tasks you do, the more you use your brain, and the more sleep you need to recover its function.

women need more sleep than men

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Jim Horne, the director of the Sleep Research Center at Loughborough University of England, explains that this is the case because the cortex of the brain, which is responsible for the cognitive its functions, restores itself while sleeping. The more you use that part of the brain during the day, the more tired you are and your cortex needs to charge its energy longer.

Breus’ study raised more interest among the experts concerning the consequences of lack of sleep. It has been asserted by experts from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine that the more people are deprived of sleep, the faster they are aging. Their skin loses it elasticity and its vitality, and, therefore, they look much older.

women need more sleep than men

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However, there are numerous other negative outcomes due to not sleeping and not resting your brain. Your heart is affected to a great extent. The chances of getting a cardiovascular disease, blood lumps, and heart attack are increased largely. And, without a doubt, your brain suffers as well. You will not be able to control your mental functions properly and your chances of getting a stroke will be greater than ever.

Therefore, the recommended amount of sleep per day is 7 to 9 hours. Nevertheless, the percentage of people not following this advice is high. Roughly, around 80% of the population in the United States deprives themselves of enough sleep, and by that they increase their chances of developing any of the abovementioned conditions. Lack of sleep is a huge threat to your health. Therefore do not underestimate the power of sleeping.