How would it make you feel if you just found out that eating certain foods can lead to worms occupying your brain? What these worms do is live in the brain as parasites, and they can survive for a very long period of time. They can cause some damages and a great deal of consequences to the brain.

Cambridge conducted a study a couple of years ago, examining one individual for his headaches. But, before undergoing all of these tests, the man had recently traveled to China.

This happened for a reason. China is the country with most known cases of the parasite Spirometra erinaceieuropaei. This parasite became so well known that it quickly spread out to other countries, such as Japan, Thailand and South Korea.

What you need to know about this parasite is that is a cause for weakness and seizures. Apparently, the man had been infected with a parasite, called sparganosis, that is usually caused by a tapeworm.

This is a kind of an infection that cannot be treated with medications, so the man needed to go into surgery right away.

There are three main tapeworm species that can attack the human brain. The main one, the most dangerous one, is the pork tapeworm.

You can get this infection by consuming pork that is under cooked, from pigs that have previously been infected with this parasite. This will easily lead to taeniasis, which is basically when an adult worm is living in the intestine.

The second most dangerous one is something you can get if you happen to have direct contact with animal feces. This triggers a unique condition, where the brain and the nervous system are both infected by the larval worm. This infection is so severe that it can lead to epilepsy.

The global distribution of pork tapeworm is rapidly increasing, proportionally increasing the number of patients who have this infection all around the world. It is most common in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

This is why you should be alert at all times and be extremely careful of what you are eating, especially if it is internationally traded food.

After all you have no idea where that food came from. And even though there are some drugs that might help in a situation like this, surgery is the most effective way of removing the tapeworm. That is why you must always be on the look out. Stay aware!